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the Circa Token

A blockchain solution focused on implementing the circular economy on a global and local (glocal) level to help minimize further environmental and social deterioration

Directly Support the Circular Economy and Sustainable Projects

Use Cases

The Circa Token has been built to be a utility token. It powers the Circanomics Ecosystem. The Token can be used to support projects, try new sustainabilty-minded products, reward your customers or employees, receive discounts at partner businesses, P2P transactions B2P transactions, B2B transactions, governance and staking on AlgoStake.


The Circa Token works to allow users of Circanomics to stake their CIRCAs to receive an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on all staked tokens. There is no lock-in period and tokens can be removed instantly to be swapped or sent without worry. This is a way of rewarding early supporters of the Circanomics Ecosystem.


Circular Economics for Citizens

Circanomics works...

Circanomics makes it possible for the general public to begin to engage and benefit from the Circular Economy.

Project Reporting

The Circa Token has been integrated with Sustainable Data Management in order to receive real data and reports on the sustainability progress of individuals and organization. This link between blockchain and non-blockchain technology is integral for a successful transition into sustainability and Web 3.0.

Sustainability Driven

Circanomics is a tool to get our Society to a sustainable economy. By applying the "reduce-reuse-remanufacture-recycle-repurpose" we can move away from waste permanently.


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Circanomics Facts & Figures

$ 0 T
Global GPD
$ 0 T

Global GDP Annual to Potentially Go Circular Economy

0 %
Total Global GDP Currently Circular
$ 0

Each Global Citizen's Annual Share of Global GDP

1 Billion

Total CIRCA Supply


Algorand Standard Asset


USD$ per Transaction


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